Training with Socialize ACE™ Neurofeedback

Socialize ACE™ teaches you while you watch and control DVDs or videos with your mind, making them start and get bigger and brighter as you succeed.  Training enhances control over particular brainwaves--called Neureka! and single-pointed Focus--and improves related mental abilities.  These familiar abilities are key attention skills for all of us, particularly those with autistic issues.

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Fast Improvements

Studies using a professional version of this brainwave biofeedback - the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™ - found large improvements on many measures in 18 half-hour training sessions. This is a lot faster than you will find with professionals who use other approaches.

The overall Total Score on the Social Responsiveness Scale-2 (SRS-2) decreased from 83.5 to 71.0. That’s 51% of the distance to a “normal” scale score. 

Abnormally high scores on scales measuring Depressive, Anxious, Attention and Oppositional-Defiant Problems became normal scores.

Here's a more complete research summary including previous studies.  Imagine your loved one after Socialize ACE training.

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In contrast, a competitive neurofeedback system published results with no significant changes in the SRS-2 in 84 longer sessions.  

Clearly, all types of neurofeedback are not equally effective.

Advantages of Home Training

  • -We have created a home training system, Socialize ACE™, to make doing more sessions simple and practical.  

  • -This first release allows unlimited sessions for the entire family or group. Future versions may be more limited.

  • -One purchase saves you thousands of dollars in therapist’s fees and many hours in traffic. It usually takes hundreds of sessions at the clinic with other training. Buying a home system for the whole family is far cheaper.  It may also qualify for your Health or Medical Savings Account.

  • -Many children can learn to train themselves with minimum supervision. They like training because it makes them feel happy.

Watch a video in which Dr. Zach Bush, an MD with three specialty board certifications, discusses the advantages of home training with this system.

Neureka! and Focus

A Remarkable Combination

The Focus brain system controls how we pay attention (single-pointed to wide); the Neureka! brain system controls what we pay attention to.

Screenshots of Focus and Neureka! Training

The 40 Cycle Brain Rhythm, New Learning, and Autism

40 cycle per second brain rhythms have been known for over 40 years but largely ignored since they are hard to measure.

People with autistic issues have abnormal gamma rhythms, as do schizophrenics and Alzheimer’s patients.

They are types of gamma waves. There are at least two different kinds of 40 cycle (Hertz or Hz.) rhythms.

We hypothesize that this dysfunction is caused by a type of disorder of the 40 cycle system.  

The 40 cycle “event binding rhythm” helps us to understand and remember events by scanning the cortex from the center of the brain (intralaminar thalamus) and reporting back to this integrating brain system.

This leads to diverse symptoms and deficits.

Neureka! measurements separate out this rhythm’s effects.   

Neureka! and Focus training help to create normal function and improve control over this system and other aspects of the brain and mind.

The Socialize ACE™ Neurofeedback Training Solution Includes

  • ★Special proprietary biofeedback protocols, with screens and sounds that respond to your brainwaves. These are designed to register the Neureka! brainwaves, in addition to the Focus measurements.  No other neurofeedback system has these two protocols.

  • ★The lightweight, comfortable NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2, specially modified to improve the quality of the EEG signal.  

  • ★Three Dry Sensors, which make training very convenient.

  • ★A wireless Bluetooth Transmitter.

  • ★A special version of BioExplorer, very versatile biofeedback software, with video recording and playback integrated.

  • ★A detailed Manual (PDF file).

  • ★A Quick Guide to doing Sessions.

  • ★Training Videos that really simplify the process step by step.

  • ★Support by email and phone.

  • ★Special bonuses on the installation disc, including copies of research papers.

Purchasing a Socialize ACE™

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About Peak Achievement Training

  • Socialize ACE™ is a new product from Peak Achievement Training™ based on simplifying the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™, a professional grade product with many uses.

  • The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™ is the deluxe model of the Peak Achievement Trainer™, first offered for sale in 1998.  It added Neureka! training to Focus and Alertness screen designs.

  • By reducing the number of screen designs and using simpler, field tested instructions and new training videos, as well as pre-installing on a laptop, we have created a product that is appropriate for use by families with youngsters who have socialization and other autistic issues.

Introduction to Dr. Jon Cowan, CEO

–Currently CEO of NeuroTek, LLC, d/b/a Peak Achievement Training.

–Founded and headed similar companies since 1993.

–Private neurotherapy practice from 1992-2001.

–Ph.D. from Univ. of California, San Francisco in psychopharmacology under Dr. Paul Ekman.

         Dissertation on learning

           and memory.

         Worked with Dr. Joe Kamiya,

           the discoverer of

           brainwave biofeedback.





–Postdoctoral fellowships at UC Berkeley and the National Institute on Drug Abuse Addiction Research Center.

–Presented the first case study showing that neurofeedback could benefit autism...Years later, the client graduated as a talkative high school valedictorian.

–Discovered the three neurofeedback protocols for measuring and training to enhance Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!

–Designed the Peak Achievement Trainer, Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™, the Mood Elevator, and Socialize ACE™.

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