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There’s a Great Use for the Socialize ACE for Everyone in Your Family or Practice

Summary:  I think its time to let out a powerful secret!  Our Socialize ACE Neurofeedback Trainer has a wide variety of uses, both at home and in the clinic. While we have been emphasizing it’s use to improve autistic issues, it is actually capable of enhancing the lives of all of the people in your family or practice, by:

  • – Enhancing their ability to focus and pay attention–to do better in school, sports, life, or work.
  • – Improving their ability to learn and remember.
  • – Changing their mood to a happier one.
  • – Increasing their chances at achieving better long-term health through enhanced happiness.
  • – Combat age-related cognitive decline.
Everyone in the family can learn this better way to live, perform, and enjoy their time from the same Trainer, taking turns to use it conveniently at home, or it can be used by many clients in a practice–for the same price!  Normal people will also benefit, since it improves the basic brain systems we all use constantly.

The Socialize ACE Experience 

This biofeedback training experience is very enjoyable, since it stimulates the reward systems in the brain.  You watch a DVD or video of your choice, while your success at producing the right types of brain function makes it bigger and/or brighter.  The Socialize ACE uses the neurofeedback for single-pointed Focus and Neureka! which we have developed and sold to satisfied customers for many years, as part of our Peak Achievement Trainer and the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer.  There are many published research articles and professional publications about them.
Neureka! is our unique and particularly powerful way of training the brain’s system for processing new learning, which also makes you feel good as a reward, so that you keep learning and adapting.  It involves dopamine and the 40 cycle per second “event binding rhythm”, which we process in a secret way to clarify it.  We think Neureka! is superior to many other varieties for a wide variety of purposes, particularly when combined with single-pointed Focus training.  Since it works to strengthen basic brain systems with proven generalized methods, it does not require sophisticated professional guidance or brain mapping (QEEG) to improve brain function.  It works at a far more fundamental level than quizzes, questions, or puzzles, and it is therefore more effective in improving basic brain function.  It does things that pharmaceuticals don’t do, despite their marketing, which they spend 19 times as much on as their research.

The Effects Are Long-Lasting

Even more important, once you buy a Socialize ACE, you can use it for many years.  Yes, the initial cost is higher than a drug’s, but over time, using it with the whole family, you will definitely make back the investment, and the effects from doing enough sessions have been shown to last for a long time.  Since the experience of our Focus and Neureka! feedback enhances happiness, continuing to train is a pleasure, not a chore.

What Can the Socialize ACE Do For Your Family or Practice?

The best way to find out is to call and have a confidential consultation about your desires for your family or your practice.  We will be happy to go over who could benefit and what to expect.  We will arrange to follow up with a demonstration over Skype for those people, and send you customized links and literature.  We will explain our training to use the system, our support, and available financing.
All you need to do is to call us at 800-886-4228 (or +1-502-228-0605 outside the US) or Skype us at “peakachievement” for the consultation.   

All Neurofeedback is Not the Same…By Far 

Please remember that all types of neurofeedback are not the same. Our Socialize ACE is an educational instrument that is much more effective, simple to use, and uniquely able to improve happiness and health, as well as autistic and attention issues.  This is an investment in the well being of many wonderful people, who will be happier together.
Dr. Jon Cowan
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