Socialize ACE Neurofeedback Training Solution


  • Socialize ACE™ is a new product from Peak Achievement Training™ based on simplifying the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™, a professional grade product with many uses, to create a home brainwave biofeedback Trainer for autistic issues.

  • The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™ is the deluxe model of the Peak Achievement Trainer™, first offered for sale in 1998.  It added Neureka! training to Focus and Alertness screen designs.

  • Research with a combination of Neureka! and Focus training has demonstrated major improvements in autistic issues.

  • By reducing the number of screen designs and using simpler, field tested instructions and new training videos, we have created a product which is appropriate for use by families with youngsters who have socialization, attention, and other autistic issues.

  • It now includes a Dell 15 3000 laptop with an internal DVD player, solid state drive, and Bluetooth to host your installation.


The Socialize ACE™ Neurofeedback Training Solution Includes

★ Special proprietary biofeedback protocols, with screens and sounds that respond to your brainwaves. These are designed to register the Neureka! brainwaves, in addition to the Focus measurements.  No other neurofeedback system has these two protocols.
★ The lightweight, comfortable NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2, specially modified to improve the quality of the EEG signal.
★ Three Dry Sensors, which make training very convenient.
★ A wireless Bluetooth Transmitter.
★ Unlimited use of a special version of BioExplorer, very versatile biofeedback software, with video recording and playback integrated.
★ A detailed Manual (PDF file).
★ A Quick Guide to doing Sessions.
★ Training Videos that really simplify the process step by step.
★ Support by email and phone.
★ Special bonuses on the installation disc, including copies of research papers.


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