Our New Home Training Product

Our New Home Training Product

We are very pleased to present a remarkable new product, the Socialize ACE™, a home training system for Social Brain Dysfunction and other autistic issues.  We have created a totally new website,www.socializeace.com to explain the concept.

Be sure to check out the webpage for our Studies, which discusses in detail the new data from Dr. Tato Sokhadze, showing the normalization of abnormally high problems related to Attention, Anxiety, Depression, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  The average scale scores on a very well known clinical measure all ended up within the normal range after 18 sessions of training.  Furthermore, a highly respected measure of autistic behavior, the Social Responsiveness Scale, decreased 51% towards the normal boundary, showing major gains in Social Communication, Social Cognition, Motivation, and Repetitive Behavior/Restricted Interests.

The stronger effects are probably linked to the fact that he was training them two or three times a week during the summer, rather than once a week during the school year.  It supports the value of a home training system, which can be done three times a week or more.  As you can see from the changes in the emotions noted, even teenagers like these sessions, so they will continue to train.  Its the parents who get tired of driving them and spending money.

We took the product to the Talking About Curing Autism (TACA) meeting last weekend and it was so popular we completely ran out of handouts.  We connected with Dr. Zack Bush, a keynote speaker and a triple board certified MD, who had been using Quantitative EEG in his office, and explained Neureka!, the simplified single channel brainwave biofeedback based on the 40 Hertz (cycle per second) rhythm to him.  I shared my hypothesis that autistic individuals have malfunctions related to this 40 Hz. rhythm, which is normally used to bind together the various inputs to the cortex into an understandable event.  He really liked the idea and even speculated that there is a connection between training this Neureka! brain system and the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone, which occurs nearby.

We were surprised when less than an hour later, a representative from End Autism Now, Dana Gorman, returned with Dr. Bush and set up a live interview and demo on Facebook for both of us.  Their idea. I think the video is a really good explanation of how we combine training Neureka! and Focus.  Dr. Bush provided a simplified term that we're going to adopt--"the brain's master frequency".

His opinion, based on working with a much more complex neurofeedback system, is that it is not just for high functioning individuals, but for a much wider spectrum.  They do need to be able to watch TV for at least 15 minutes and stay somewhat still.  It worked very well for my son, who was not high functioning at the time we started his training, but is now.  In fact, its hard to argue that he's still on the spectrum.

What's Different in Socialize Ace

We have really tried to make this new product simpler and easier to use at home or by an inexperienced clinician.  We have zeroed in on making the learning sequence a definite and clear approach, using three simpler screen designs to lead you to the Peak BrainHappiness design with single-pointed Focus and Neureka! training that we used so successfully in our research.  It has been improved and re-named the Socialize ACE™ DVD design.  We also provide a Socialize ACE™ Video Design, for playing many types of videos, including .wmv, .avi, .mov, Quick Time and .mp4.  However, we have eliminated all the other screen designs from our previous products, including the FocusedAlert ones.

The other key point here is that we have simplified our instructions, integrating the four Training Videos and the new Socialize ACE™ Manual.  This describes how to use our Focus and Neureka! designs up front, and has three long, complete Appendices on Focus, Neureka! and our Autism Research for those who are curious.  Caretakers train with four sessions first, and then adapt it for their trainees.

For this product, we have changed our hardware to the MindWave Mobile 2 from NeuroSky, who has been making the EEG analysis chip we've used for many years.  We've created an improved version of their new product that does not lose contact with the skin easily, particularly when you lean forward.  This very comfortable system is exclusively available with the Socialize ACE™.

Save Money and Be Happy

This simplification allows us to lower the price from $2999 to $1999, with an Introductory Offer of $1499 if you purchase before November 15th.  This will also be our quantity price for clinicians or groups who want to purchase four or more ACEs and resell them.  This pricing is considerably lower than a reasonable estimate for training in a clinical setting, which will easily exceed $5,000 by any method other than ours.  Our training is quite complete but working with an experienced clinician at first will make it faster and easier.  You will need to supply a Windows laptop with an internal DVD and a Bluetooth adapter.  You also need to supply some DVDs and/or videos that interest the trainee drawn from their own collection and some nature films.

The other major advantage is that anyone at home can also use the Socialize ACE™ for other purposes.  As you read through the Manual and watch the Training, you will realize that the caretaker will be introduced to some sessions that will usually improve their attention and mood.  That's a huge free bonus!

Participate in a Study

When you purchase the Socialize ACE™, you will become eligible to participate in an ongoing informal study.  We will provide Social Responsiveness Scales for the caretaker of the autistic individual to fill out every nine sessions (three weeks) to measure their improvements.  The results will provided to you and charted online anonymously, so that everyone in the study can look at the grouped results.  The main purpose is to see what happens after a longer number of sessions, but we may present or publish summary data.

Our ISNR Presentation

Speaking of presenting data, the remarkable new data I mentioned was also featured in an hour-long presentation to the conference of the International Society on Neurofeedback and Research on "Understanding the Mysterious 40 Hz. Brain System for Attention, Learning, and Feeling Good" which I shared with Dr. Tato Sokhadze on October 18th.  I laid out the basis for my 40 Hertz malfunction hypothesis about autism. The talk was very well received, judging by the comments we received and the full room at the follow-up discussion group on the topic.
To Be Among the First
If you would like to be among the first to try the Socialize ACE™ and save $500 by doing so, please consider ordering for $1499 before November 15th.  You can find all the details on our website under Purchasing and Contact, except for the Order Form, which you can fill out and scan back to info@socializeace.com.  If you wish to save time and trouble, you may order the ACE installed in a preconfigured laptop for $749 extra.  You will receive all the software updates for this version and the next one. We are happy to answer your questions at 800-886-4228 or +1-502-228-0605.  We accept all credit cards through PayPal, as well as checks and wire transfers.
If you are not quite ready to order, please register for our email list.  Please help us spread the word about this new innovation that can help thousands of people.  
I look forward to speaking with potential customers and helping you and your loved ones to reach the socially related, focused, happy, loving, and satisfied state they have always wanted.
Dr. Jon Cowan

For more information or to order, visit http://www.socializeace.com or call 800-886-4228 or 502-228-0605.

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