Everyone Affected by Autistic Issues Dreams of…

…the absolute joy when their child learns to resolve and manage their autistic issues.  Developed and thoroughly tested by Peak Achievement Training, the system will create enhanced focus, anxiety reduction, happiness, socialization and behavior management.  The system, Socialize ACE, will improve the child’s brain function quickly, usually within 12 to 18 twenty-five minute sessions over a few months.  The results are dramatic as the child understands their world better and can react more appropriately!

The Socialize ACE is Peak Achievement Training’s proprietary neurofeedback system which detects the brainwaves that are responsible for scanning the brain, understanding the inputs and memories as complete events, and choosing appropriate responses.  Information about these specific brainwaves, teaches the child how to improve control over these thought patterns training them to focus their attention and understand events.  Another helpful effect is that these moments of discovery engage the brain’s reward system and create positive feelings such as happiness and satisfaction, which leads to future health and success in life.  We call this Neureka!

It is simple enough to install at home and/or for use with an appropriate clinician.  To learn more please go to our website, socializeace.com, view the video interview with Dr. Zach Bush there, see the recent article in Autism Parenting Magazine, and follow us on Facebook at Socialize ACE.  You may reach us by calling 800-886-4228 or 1+502-228-0605 or Skyping “peakachievement” for a discount. 

Please join those that have discovered the joy and value of Socialize ACE and the resultant improvement in the happiness, functionality and success of their children.